'I visited Mark to build my energy and strengthen my organs and immune system, having recently gone through a period of ill-health. After 3 sessions, my energy has definitely improved and I find I have more get up and go now – more than I have had for a long time. I am feeling more balanced in general and will continue to use Mark’s expert skills to enhance my wellbeing. Health is so important and Mark’s gentle approach helps me feel relaxed, safe and in good hands.
– Caroline, New Milton

'Your acupuncture has worked wonders for my shoulder. Pain is still there if my arm is in a certain spot, but, at least I can now use my arm as normal. Nice to be able to put your coat on without waiting for some help. You have succeeded where others in the medical profession simply offered pain killers'.
– Richard, Barton-on-Sea

'I feel so much better; more stamina, energy and my mind is clearer and more focused'.
– Ricky, Milford-on-Sea

'I've been seeing Mark for two years and he has made a huge difference to my health and well being. Identifying my true element has created a connection and balance within myself which has left me feeling truly amazing. Thank you for today's treatment. I felt the pain and pressure leave me as soon as the first needles went in, it was like someone had released a pressure valve in my head. Keep up the good work. I would thoroughly recommend anybody to go and see Mark'.
– Sally, Ferndown

'I've been seeing Mark for a chronic illness and besides being an excellent practitioner, he is easy to talk to, warm and patient focused. I would highly recommend him – I look forward to my weekly sessions and always feel better afterwards, both physically and mentally'.
– Elrina, Brockenhurst

'I have been going to Mark for acupuncture for various problems; back pain, arthritis and a damaged knee. In each case not only have the symptoms improved but I leave his treatment room feeling calmer and with much more energy. He approaches his subject with sensitivity and care and takes time to listen. I always feel very reassured and would certainly recommend his treatments'.
– Yvonne, New Milton

'Mark has helped me through both emotional and physical issues, and my wellbeing and general quality of life have improved significantly since I began treatment with him. He is very good at explaining how emotions interact with our bodies, and vice versa, and exactly how acupuncture alleviates corporal symptoms by balancing the emotional body. This way, I have learnt to be more conscious of my thoughts and actions. I feel like I understand myself more as a result. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking an alternative treatment or to anyone seeking a healthier, more balanced lifestyle'.
– Lili, New Milton

​Please contact me on 07788 663210 or and I will be happy to talk through how acupuncture could help you.

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